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          3. Welcome to Shandong Santong rope.Co.,Ltd

            Home Leader`s Speech

            We have the aim to be the most professional company of rope, twine and other plastic products. We are trying our best  to set up a trinity of customer, staff and enterprise.

            Detail makes perfect. We must arrange any details in management and production carefully. There is a saying that great is coming from particular.

            We try our best to provide customers competitive price and high-qualified products in order to realize the value of company. And many thanks to the society and to the people who offered help and assistance.

            With the spirit of  "honesty, keep abreast of the times" and Haier's idea that qualified products are made by excellent workers, we expect to set long-term friendly business relationship with domestic and overseas customers.

            Content :

            Chaoquan Industrial Park, Feicheng City,Shandong Province, China

            Tel: 0086-538-3490666

            Fax: 0086-538-3490777